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How much do you really know about your Mum and Dad?

Get to know the full story of your Mum and Dad before it is too late.

It is difficult to imagine that there is a huge part of your Mum and Dads life you have no knowledge of.

Their life before you were born, plus the years before you were old enough to take an interest .

Mum and Dad are generally thought of as nothing more than old parents.

Mum and Dad

It will surprise you that Mum and Dad led exciting lives when they were younger.

As we get older, and especially when we start our own family, our parents’ life stories become more important to us.

We must preserve their memories and a Legacy Video recording our parents telling their own stories of their lives will ensure our parents are forever with us.

 Luckily, with Legacy Videos in Alicante it has become easier to preserve our parents’ life memories.

The stories our parents share can be an important insight into the past and a living guide to our future.

Do not delay as your Mum or Dad’s memory is not infallible.

Our natural curiosity in our parents’ life is the doorway to a life lesson.

Legacy Videos will record our parents life story on video.

It is easy, and an expert Director will guide them through the process.

It will be fun and enjoyable, there will be smiles and happy tears, and ultimately there will be a living memory to cherish forever.

Mum and Dad

Legacy Videos will transform your Parents Life Story into a living memory on video.

Legacy Videos are here to capture your parents’ lives on film.

The team at Legacy Videos have extensive experience preparing their clients and structuring their memoirs and biographies ready for filming.

The in-house Director will manage the process end-to-end and ultimately create a precious video expertly crafted to safely retain the memories for eternity.

If you’d like to inquire more about our special Legacy Video Services please contact Legacy Videos at

Mum and Dad