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our process

How It Works

Capture your story in a beautiful video.

6 Simple steps to create your video biography


Welcome Pack

Receive your Welcome Pack complete with notepad and pen to start writing your notes.



Our questionnaires are designed to help you provide a structure for your video.

They are easy and enjoyable.

To help you we have some simple suggestions for you to follow.


Pre Filming Meeting

Meet with your Director in advance of the filming to discuss your notes and plan the structure of your video.

Choose from our Studio Room Sets and decide on the Armchair or Sofa you are most comfortable on.

Decide on any personal ornaments or pictures you want featured in the filming.


Video Shoot

A Legacy Video is not a performance or an interrogation.

It is just a normal conversation in your own words, so we ask you to maintain your own natural conversational tone.

We will guide you through your story.

The filming can stop at any time for a retake, bathroom or beverage break.

We can edit out any pauses very easily.

The cameras are very unintrusive, you will not even know they are there.


Video Production

The Film Editor will work with the footage and select and combine it into a flowing sequence to create the perfect Video Biography for you.

Any personal video clips, photographs, second speakers, or graphics you want will be added to your video to bring your Video Biography to life.

We will present a draft version to you for your approval.


Completed Biography

Following your final approval your Biography Video will be finished and we will provide you with Digital Copies (DVD or USB).

We will host the video on our secure site so you can send your Video Biography anywhere in the world to your friends, family or associates.

My greatest pleasure is spending time with my family. Where life begins and love never ends.